Cycle the City With Urban AdvenTours

06 Nov Cycle the City With Urban AdvenTours

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It was an uphill climb for the bike tour company Urban AdventTours in the beginning. Owner, Andrew Prescott operated out of his garage until building up enough revenue to operate out of a storefront in downtown Boston.  Andrew started the company in 2004, giving narrated tours of the city with a tiny fleet of eight bikes. “After quitting my job in accounting I thought about things that I really like,” says Prescott. “Some of the answers are green, travel, health.” And exploring. “On weekends I rode by bike to get lost and explore the city.”

Since opening, Urban AdvenTours has extended its kick stand and set up a spacious shop on Atlantic Ave. From selling to renting, Prescott is always looking for ways to expand. The Bio Bus stands as proof of Prescott’s innovative ideas. The big green truck, fueled by recycled veggie-oil delivers bikes to hotels and around the city. “The creative part keeps you sharp,” says Prescott who is turning the wheels in his head to come up with more ways to expand the business. Possibilities in the works include a coffee and cycling tour along with yoga classes offered in a spacious part in the shop.

There are several bike tours offered to see the best of Boston by bike. I buckled my helmet

The Tour De Boston lands you in front of landmarks like the USS Constitution
The Tour De Boston lands you in front of landmarks like the USS Constitution

to prepare for the Tour De Boston. After a safety rundown from our guide, Craig, we took to the streets with topped off water bottles eager to learn less discovered facts about Bean town. Following the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River, we pedaled through Cambridge for sights of MIT and nearby areas. Looking back over your shoulder, you can see Beacon Hill and Back Bay along with spectacular skyline of high rises.

Its evident Craig does his research as he spews off facts you won’t find on search engines.  Find you why MIT sued infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wright after construction of the eccentric Stata building was complete.  Craig also points out a sweet spot in the amphitheatre that surrounds the Stata Building. If you stand in just the right spot you will notice a booming echo that startled some enough to jump off the ground.

Other tour options include the Cityview Tour and the Emerald Necklace and Fall Foliage Tour.

 Urban AdvenTours

103 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02110
(617) 233-7595

Tours are all-inclusive and run $50 per guest, except for Bikes @ Night, which is $35.